During Kimlin’s B-WE Meetings on her book Authenticity, Accountability and Ambitions participants were asked help add systems that Black people experience Systemic Racism. The list below is just a start to the dialogue to racist systems that need to change, realizing there are more racist systems that need to be changed. Please join us for future B-WE meetings.

Improving the Black Community is Kimlin’s Calling. Her favorite quote from AAA is, “By staying committed to your own, others s benefit as well.” Kimlin is selling three chapters that speak to improving the Black Community, Chapter 9 "Scared to Be Black." This chapter outlines the 10 behaviors that keep the Black Community struggling. The goal of Chapter 9 is admitting we have work to do and treating each other better by sitting in the truth.

Available soon for $8 “Chapters 6 & 7 - Joel Isaiah and Tyler Milan"

No parent should ever have to go through the challenges Kimlin experienced while trying to educate her children. Some of the problems were systemic racism and some were because Black people need to feel comfortable looking out for their own people.